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  • "CrowdStudio is the best in terms of speed and cost and their creative brief is excellent. I constantly recommend it to others."
    James Joseph, Former director at Microsoft, Bangalore.
  • "I received a variety of quality design options within a matter of days. The whole process was very simple and being a startup, it was great value for money."
    Jaskaran Singh, Founder of AppRoarr, New Delhi.
  • "We just had to take the final files they provided to the printer and it worked like a charm! CrowdStudio was a pleasure to work with."
    Akash Mathew, CEO of CIED Technologies, Kochi.
  • "I liked the robustness in how the needs were captured by Crowd Studio . The rigor in obtaining feedback and making improvements went a long way in getting a much liked design"
    Maya Pradeep, Director - Haute Couture , India.
  • "I am totally satisfied with the outcome of our logo for 'Theweddingpictures' besides that I am amazed to see the creative pool of our country, we should encourage and promote this platform to nurture the hidden talent of our country."
    Kapil Rana, Director, Founder - K2pictures
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